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The Home's Heart - The Kitchen

The kitchen has and always will be the center or heart of the home. In most families, the kitchen is used more than any other space in the home. Simplicity can make the daily task of cooking an eagerly anticipated event. Thoughtful organization of workspaces will facilitate helping hands and great family memories if people do not have to cross over each other to get the items they need.

Understanding the basic principles of kitchen layout will help take much of the mystery out of the design process. One of the most basic layout principles is the work triangle...

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The work triangle is an imaginary line drawn from each of the three primary work stations in the kitchen - the food storage, preparation/cooking, and clean-up stations. By drawing these lines, you can assess the distance required to move to and from each area and thus determine how well the traffic will flow. To help avoid traffic flow problems, work triangles should have a perimeter that measures less than 26 feet. The three main areas of any kitchen include the food storage area, the food preparation/cooking area and the clean-up area.

Choosing the Right Floors to Excentuate Your Home

Make Sure You Finish Your Custom Home in Style

Excerpt taken from DIY Advice

Of all the surfaces in a room, floors take the most abuse: a constant parade of feet -- some wearing dirty or wet shoes, the occasional sink or tub overflow, misdirected shower sprays, and spilled food and drinks. Fortunately there are plenty of flooring materials that can stand up to abuse and do so with style. Floors almost always set the tone for a room, as either the dominant design feature or a neutral backdrop for the furnishings and the rest of the decor.

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...The right choices also make a room look truly finished.

The materials you choose affect the comfort of a room, so you'll need to pay attention to more than aesthetics when selecting materials. Tailor your choices to your needs, just as you would when selecting finishing materials for any room in your home.

Finish Carpentry in Asheville, NC

SIPs Framing

In the business of building homes you will sometimes hear someone refered to as a "chainsaw carpenter" or a "framing carpenter". They are called this because they have the knowledge to build and frame a house, sometimes very complex homes, but they lack the attention to detail that seperates a framing carpenter from a trim carpenter.

Most of the time you will find that trim carpenters specialize in doing nothing but finish carpentry work. Do not make the mistake of hiring a chainsaw carpenter to do your finish work. The trim carpenter will finish your home beautifully with nice tight seams and an eye to detail that you may not notice on day one, but after day 300, day 600 or day 900 all those little imperfections that a rough carpenter might leave will frustrate you to no end.

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