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At Blue Ridge Homes we love and highly recommend the use of Insulated Concrete Forms, better known as ICF's, for below grade foundation construction in the mountains of WNC. ICF is great for above ground use also, but faces stiff competition from SIPS (Structual Insulated Panels) and other modern building materials and techniques.

There are lots of manufactures of ICF blocks and here at Blue Ridge Homes we are an approved distributor for the Reward Walls ICF System in the Asheville, Weaverville and Mars Hill, NC areas. Below are some useful links regarding ICF's.

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Discover What Concrete Can Do for Your House

ICF FoundationAt their most basic level, insulating concrete forms (ICFs) serve as forms for poured concrete walls. However, instead of being removed after the concrete has hardened, ICFs remain in place and become part of the wall structure. As part of the wall structure, forms provide insulation on both the inside and the outside of the wall. The ties within the forms act as furring strips, so interior and exterior finishes can be applied directly to the foam. ICF forms are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material similar to that in styrofoam ice chests you can buy at the grocery store. The forms are made up of two panels of EPS held together by plastic ties. The ties are embedded into the foam to hold the form together. The embedded ends of the ties flatten out to form fastening surfaces recessed within the foam to allow for any type of exterior or interior finish. Since the ties run the full height of the forms, an ICF wall contains continuous furring strips, foundation to eave line.

To build ICF walls, simply stack the forms to shape your walls, install vertical and horizontal rebar, and fill the center cavity of the wall with concrete. ICF forms allow for a wide array of shapes from arches and curves to your typical straight wall. You now have complete walls, insulated and ready to finish any way you choose.

ICF walls are complete steel-reinforced concrete walls, with insulation and furring all in one. They are ideal for either residential or commercial construction and will provide a structure that is superior to any other in strength, energy efficiency and all-around comfort, especially in Asheville, NC climate. If cost is secondary to having the best foundation that money can buy than the ICF foundation is our recommendation at Blue Ridge Homes.

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What Do You Use if Building Your Home in Asheville Has a Tight Budget?

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Concrete Masonry Unit - CMU Block

Concrete masonry block has a long history of use in North Carolina as a domestic building material. Many notable homes have been designed and built using this versatile product. Construction of masonry homes can be very economical, particularly when the designer uses the modular sizes of the masonry units to full advantage in an effort to minimize wastage.

Building with CMU's in Asheville, NC

CMU Foundation Masonry block serves as a type of permanent formwork for concrete. The grout fill works in conjunction with the steel reinforcing to provide structural strength. Masonry block is available in a wide range of shapes, textures and colors; and in units suited for a variety of building surfaces and elements. The range of block products is expanding as blocks with special finishes, sizes and thermal properties emerge in the market.

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