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Site Selection and Site Grading in Asheville, NC....

Before You Can Plan Your Build, You Must Know Your Site

As a licensed general contractor and custom home builder in Asheville we always tell our clients that you must begin planning from the dirt up. How many times have you seen a building lot in the mountains where the homeowner and the builder tried to force a building lot to fit the home? These lots can be seen around Asheville if you look. They consist of large stair-stepped cuts, maybe large retaining walls, the indicators are numerous.

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The Lot and the House Plan Must Compliment One Another

Have the End Goal In Mind

The lot determines what your environment will be for the rest of the home's life. Do you want your home to exist in a wooded environment? Do you want your home to utilize passive solar? Do you want your home to have year round long range views? All of these are valid questions and there could be hundreds more. So, at Blue Ridge Homes we tell all our clients to take a sheet a paper and draw a line down the center and label one side, "Must Have" and, "Want".

Start filling in these columns and be honest with yourself and your budget. I know that most people would love to have a beautiful mountain view with a stream running through the backyard and a nice flat grassy area, but most can't afford to have everything. So, be honest!!! Once you have your sheet filled out take it with you everytime you go looking at a building lot in Asheville or the surrounding area. You can start your search here today!!Search Asheville and Regional MLS!

By keeping your list with you it will help take some of the emotion out of the process. You want your selection in location to evoke strong emotion, but you do not want that emotion to drive you nuts. Using your list will help you stay grounded and focused on the end goal and the construction of your dream home.

Site Grading, Getting Everything Set Just Right in Asheville, NC....

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You're Home Site Is Beautiful, Now Don't Mess It Up!!!

If site selection is number one on the list of priorities for the construction of your dream home in Asheville than site grading should be in a neck and neck tie on your priorities list for the construction of your dream home. The proper grading of your driveway, the positioning of the house seat, the installation of your septic system, etc. can have far reaching implications, make sure they are right.

Quail Ridge - Now Offering Incredible Incentives!!!

A Blue Ridge Homes Community

Entrance Sign Quail RidgeLocated near beautiful Barnardsville and Pisgah National Forest, Quail Ridge offers you the security of a deed restricted subdivision without the hassels of a large Homeowners Association. With only 6 total lots located only 20 minutes from Asheville and 10 to 15 minutes from Weaverville, Quail Ridge was laid out from the beginning to be a quaint subdivision where each custom build home could have a little privacy without feeling like your removed from everything.

Blue Ridge Homes is currently offering an incredible 50% off their contracting fees for anyone who purchases a lot in Quail Ridge. Folks, this represents a huge savings when looking at the cost of your custom built home in and around Asheville. Call us (828)712-2867 or Contact Us to discuss this incredible opportunity to build the home of your dreams.

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